Sunday, July 22, 2007

Elk Falls Pottery, Elk Falls, Elk Co, Kansas

The Mugs I ordered from Steve and Jane Fry at Elk Falls Pottery were ready, so I arranged to stop by the Pottery and pick them up! Quite an experience, our first visit to Elk Falls, Kansas. Elk Falls bills itself as a "living" ghost town, because, "We ain't dead YET!" Population about 120... Coming from the east, on US 160, it certainly looked like the Kansas Ozarks. One writeup I read said it was in the Chautauqua Hills, but our map shows it on the very eastern edge of the Kansas Flint Hills. In any event, the mugs made from Kansas clay and hand thrown by professional potters, with the official logo of the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition was very attractive, to me.

Here is a photo of the mugs I ordered, the gray ones on the left, and a sample of green, for future consideration:
Here is a photo of Elk Falls Pottery, exterior:

Here are Steve and Jane, wrapping our mugs:

Here are some sources of information on the Elk Falls Pottery:

A nice story…

Scroll down a bit…

Good coverage at Kansas Travel Site…

We had a great visit! We also went to the Elk Falls. That will be the next blog.

Dr. Bill ;-)

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