Sunday, March 16, 2008

Have a Great 'Staycation' says J.C. Yates

Jennifer C. Yates has a neat article for the Associated Press on tips for vacationing at home. I saw it in the Saturday Emporia Gazette. Google "Staycation Yates" and can see it in papers across the country. I like the implications for the Kansas Flint Hills. This is what I have been promoting just about every single day of 2008.

Her six tips are:
Tour your town
Try new restaurants
Spend time with the kids
Skip the chores
Get back to nature
Shop 'til you drop

Each of these can be done VERY WELL in the Kansas Flint Hills region, without spending very much on gas, overnight accommodations or food. Visit around your town or a nearby town that you've "been meaning to visit!" I'll be you can name five restaurants in 30 seconds that you've been meaning to try.

There are great parks and trails and lakes and rivers to explore in the Kansas Flint Hills - this is the year to try them out. And shopping! Every town would love to have you come "check us out!" You'll meet some great people - you will find some unique products - and I know you will find a "neat deal" before you are done!

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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