Friday, May 16, 2008

Father Juan De Padilla honored in Herrington, KS

Father Juan De Padilla is honored in Herrington, KS, with a Memorial Lake Fountain

and a Historical Monument on North Broadway, erected in 1904 by the Quivira Hisotrical Society.

Two images, above, from: "A Pictorial Tribute: Attactions & Events; from Dickinson, Morris & Marion Counties (KS)" - Text and Photographs by Norma Mosier. Used here with permission. Book copies available at the Herrington (KS) Chamber of Commerce - stop by and pick one up when you visit!

Father Juan de Padilla, a Franciscan friar, was one of a group of 300 Spaniards that traveled with Franciso Vasquez de Coranodo from Mexico. In 1541, he came with Coronado to the land of Quivira in Kansas. Later, he returned as a missionary to the native peoples; but, was killed by them in 1542. He has been recognized as the first Christian martyr, in what is now the United States.

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