Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pioneer Bluffs first 2009 Saturday workday

I'd like to share this note I received; a great volunteer opportunity in the heart of the Flint Hills:

"This Saturday, January 3, is the First Saturday. And the weather is
predicted to be warm! Please consider joining us at Pioneer Bluffs

"8:30 am - Coffee and treats in the house. We will be brainstorming
ideas for future Prairie Talks and planning the 2009 calendar of
events. (If you have ideas for programs you'd like to see offered at
Pioneer Bluffs but won't be available Saturday, please call or email

"9:00 am - Volunteer workday! Among the chores we need help with are:
moving a loom from the barn to an upstairs room in the house, removing
Christmas lights from the cabin, and un-decorating inside the house.
We'll end with lunch.

"You might want to bring work gloves and a beverage cup.

"I look forward to seeing you Saturday! Lynn

Lynn Smith
Executive Director
Pioneer Bluffs Foundation
620.753.3484 office
785.393.1569 cell

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.........

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