Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teterville, KS, note

I recently received the following, that I wanted to share with you (with permission):

Dr. Smith,
I just came across your Flint Hills blog as I was Googling "Teterville" looking for pictures of the area. I am interested in Teterville because I am a Teter descendant (in fact, my parents have a story about how they almost made my middle name Teter--my mother's paternal grandmother was a Teter).
There was a family ranch near Teterville that was held in trust until the mid-1980s when it had to be sold under terms of the trust. Before then, we held many family reunions on the ranch, which had no buildings except a ramshackle old barn. I remember how beautiful the area is. I'm attaching a jpeg file of a scanned-in picture from one of our family reunion picnics in the early 1980s that I thought might interest you. As you can see, it's in one of the lower points of the landscape because we always picnicked at a ford of a creek on the ranch.
I was born in Kansas (1954) and lived in Kansas until 1997. Then, I lived in Ames, Iowa, for two years while I worked on a research grant at Iowa State University--from which I see you have a B.S. I have been in Arkansas for nearly 10 years, but I still miss Kansas very much. Having many relatives in various places in the state (several of them in the Flint Hills in Chase, Butler, and Greenwood counties--although none in Lyon county that I know of), I try to visit whenever possible.
I would have put all these comments on your blog, but I'm new to posting and wanted to make sure I made contact. The Flint hills is one of my favorite places and I'll do what I can to promote tourism there.
Gretchen Hill

Gretchen J. Hill, PhD.
Associate Professor, Sociology
Dept. of Criminology, Sociology & Geography
Arkansas State University
State University, AR 72467-2410
(870) 972-3246 or 972-3705

Neat! Comments welcomed.

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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