Saturday, August 02, 2008

Flint Hills Traveling Exhibit - Update

The Traveling Exhibit of Flint Hills photos by Jim Richardson in National Geographic's April 2007 issue will be in Garnett, August 4-10. This is great opportunity for folks in the east central Kansas area to view the photos and be reminded of the fine scenery and distinctive landscapes located just a few miles to the west, in the Kansas Flint Hills.

A Jim Richardson photo, from the National Geographic article, was chosen for this week's Photo of the Week - see more details in Dennis Toll's Flint Hills, Tall Grass for August 1.

In addition, the Exhibit reminds everyone that just driving across I-70 to the west, or I-35 toward Wichita, is only a glimpse of the Kansas Flint Hills... plan a little extra time, and drive K-177, the Flint Hills National Scenic ByWay... stop off in Council Grove, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Cottonwood Falls, or any of the other fine small communities with distinctive characteristics reminding us of memories of our youth, on the farms and ranches, the rural areas of America of times gone by. Slow down, and drink in these memories and experiences - even for a few hours. Enjoy a few relaxing moments of silence on the prairie.

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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