Thursday, October 23, 2008

Koester House Museum - Marysville

Also on Friday, as noted the last couple of days, we briefly visited and toured the Koester House Museum in Marysville. Here we are at the House:

Note on the link the reference to the "lions and dogs" seen by Laura Ingalls Wilder when she passed through in 1894,noted in one of her books. The dogs were the first thing I saw as I arrived (they are to the left rear in the photo above). The lions are right behind me as I took the photo, above; one shown below, second is to the right, on each side of this entrance.

Just one photo inside, here, the piano; it was said to be appraised by the Smithsonian Institution at in excess of $100,000 in value:

Again, I have shown 2 of the five museums in Marysville. I hope this will cause to to stop by and enjoy them one day soon! Be sure to leave a donation to these fine organizations. I did!! ;-)

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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Koester House Museum - Marysville

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