Friday, February 27, 2009

E-Mail Newsletters Show Positive Benefits

This is the title of Jane Eckert's latest blog entry. It is excellent advice, not only for the agri-tourism folks she targets, but all small businesses which I target in my other life; including many who read this regularly. I first met Jane nearly five years ago at the first meeting on AgriTourism that I attended in Emporia on July 14, 2004. Her advice has always been good. If you agree, I would recommend subscribing to her newsletter, or to the RSS feed, which I get on my iGoogle.

I also hope to include this reference, along with others, in the next edition of the Flint Hills Insider Electronic Newsletter, that we send to all annual members of the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, Inc. I hope you will join, if you haven't already, so you will be on this important mailing list for the this new quarterly newsletter. I hope to see you on the next update of the annual membership list.

While you are at the annual membership page, and if you are not already getting the free quarterly Flint Hills Heritage Newsletter, please click the "Subscribe to the Newsletter" button on the left of the screen, to get on that mailing list.... back copies of the free Heritage Newsletter can be seen here.

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It is excellent advice, not only for the agri-tourism folks she targets.

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