Thursday, March 26, 2009

Casebeer/Krallman Workshop - Plein Air Painting

Taking place at Camp Wood in association with the Flying W Ranch, near Elmdale, KS, this unique workshop in April is a very special opportunity for interested persons. In this workshop, you will be painting outdoors, from life.

The workshop will concentrate on composition - line, shape, value and color. What inspired you to paint a particular scene? By focusing on this one idea, the plein air experience can be less intimidating.

The $285 per person includes 18 hours of workshop instruction, 2 nights lodging at Camp Wood, dinner at Camp Wood Friday, breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday, and chuckwagon dinner at Flying W Ranch Saturday night. Does not include painting supplies. See web link, and here, for more details.

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)


Donald Maier said...


I have been online searching the internet for other plein air artists and I have seen your work on your website. On May 1st, I began a new website that I hope you will go to and join:

Already some really fine artists have joined and I am very gratified by their interest. I just one month since it began we already have over 300 artists. There is no fee, no jury and world-wide. It is open to everyone who paints outdoors on location. So beginners can learn and be inspired by the masters. There is also a good market here to advertise your workshops.

I have been painting on location for over 40 years, but I am new at making a website. I want to make this the online meeting place. A real down to earth kind of site to publicize events, exchange ideas, express yourself, and of course, make new friends. I already feel that I have made several new friends as I have welcomed new members and are able to chat back and forth with them. So it’s already working the way that I thought it would.

I hope to see you when you log in and hope you will pass along this web address to your painting friends.

Don Maier

Anonymous said...

Case beer/Krall man Workshop - Plein Air Painting

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