Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The latest from Pioneer Bluffs

Just received the following from Lynn Smith, and I wanted to share. I also pulled a paragraph from the news release that I thought would be helpful:

Lloyd Rogler will be coming to Pioneer Bluffs on Tuesday, March 31, 6:30 pm
for a Prairie Talk! The complete news release is attached. He promises to
share stories about Pioneer Bluffs that he heard from his father, Charles
Rogler, who was Wayne's first cousin.

[From News Release:
Rogler will share stories about his roots in the Flint Hills of Kansas. He says his visit to a setting homesteaded in 1859 by his great-grandfather, Charles Rogler, will be “profoundly exciting and meaningful.” Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Lloyd H. Rogler, Phd, is one of America’s most distinguished medical researchers and has been dedicated a “Superstar” in medical research by Columbia University. A founder of the field of cultural psychiatry, he has conducted pathbreaking research in mental health and Hispanic health. He is currently Fordham University’s Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities Emeritus. Barrio Professors is his ninth book.]

Lloyd will also give a reading from his latest book. Barrio Professors is
about his life growing up in Puerto Rico, and he says we will see the
influence of the Flint Hills. Hope you can join us next Tuesday for a
fascinating discussion!

Lynn Smith
Executive Director
Pioneer Bluffs Foundation
620.753.3484 office
785.393.1569 cell

Mark your calendar for more upcoming community events at Pioneer Bluffs:
April 4 Volunteer Workday
April 18 Prairie Talk at 2 pm: A Passion for Nature: the Life of John Muir
presented by Don Worster, PhD
May 2 Volunteer Workday
June 6 Volunteer Workday
June 6: Shades of Wonder, wildflower and prairie grass hike with Glenn Fell
June 13: Symphone Day Open House and Juried Art Show

See you in the Kansas Flint Hills! ;-)

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The latest from Pioneer Bluffs

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